11 de mayo de 2010

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Cami Bodetto dijo...

With this we can practise for the TERM TEST. I donlieke to study. I think that is boring, but if we want to pass the term we have to practise.

Paula Biondi dijo...

I think that writing a diary, it very funny... but so difficult! I love very much to use and read a diary
!See you in class!

Camila colombo dijo...

I love making a diary, It´s very easy and I don´t think like camila I think that it is very amazing.

Anónimo dijo...

With this we can practise for the Test!I don´t like study but...I like very much to write a diary!!
I think that is a very funny work!!
I think that this work is the best that we do in class!!
¡See you in class!

Mica Santiso 6to dijo...

It's very easy making a diary. When we do it per group it was very easy and very funny!!!

Valentina Bekir dijo...

Whith this we can practice for the test.
You had a very good idea.
Wirh love,
Valentina Bekir!

Axel Faks dijo...

I liked doing this diary because i enjoied doing it.