7 de octubre de 2013

You will be a member of an undercover team as and will work to complete missions of paramount importance to the national security of the United States of America. The agents were required to be experts in all fields of covert activity as they set upon numerous missions into hostile territories around the world.
The participants will be divided into groups and assigned as agents to distinct world-wide spy organisations. The groups will then be required to complete a number of missions throughout the programme. If successful in these difficult and challenging operations the groups will obtain clues which should help them in their overall mission i.e. the unmasking of a terrorist leader which has infiltrated the camp.
In order to be successful in our international espionage game you will be required to be courageous, brave, of the highest intelligence and resourcefulness and also willing to do whatever it takes to save the world!!!!!!!!!
Do you have what it takes to be a master spy?!!!!!!
Discovering the identity of the terrorist leader is the challenge to all the groups--it is like a competition in which fame is the prize. You and your group must work secretly, leader. It is of extreme importance that none of the information you have on the terrorist leader leaks out into the open. If any agent is caught giving TOP SECRET information to any other agency he or she will be disavowed and taken to court for being a slimy double-crosser. IN SHORT, CONSIDER ALL CLUES AND INFORMATION TOP SECRET AND KEEP THIS INFORMATION WITHIN YOU GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Job Descriptions
Before the programme your group must decide who (1 or 2 people) will specialise in each of the following jobs: Surveillance Expert, Transportation Expert, Point Man, Computer Hacker, Weapons and Gadget Expert, and Mission Co-ordinator.
The Surveillance Expert must come equipped with a dictaphone for recording top secret information. You must work secretly to acquire secret information that the other groups have concerning the terrorist leader’s identity on tape.
The Transportation Expert will be in charge of mapping out plans and co-ordinating missions. You must get to know the terrain and living quarters well and inform your group about hiding places.
The Computer Hacker is in charge of discovering the enemies´secrets, altering their systems and facilitating access to venues and software to the rest of the team.
The Point Man, is the person who must penetrate deep undercover and attempt to acquire top secret information from other groups. You will perform the most difficult spy tasks.
The Weapons and Gadget Expert will be in charge of creating a useful weapon or tool and during the weekend you must describe and work to sell your groups spy tool to Shady Paul.
The Mission Co-ordinator is in charge of the overall mission and responsible for the groups actions.
Personal Check List
Casual and outdoor clothing
Bring Formal clothes for the Casino Night:
Gentlemen: Smoking jacket and bow tie
Ladies: long dress and plenty of classy jewellery
We suggest that you bring:
A musical instrument (if you can play it)
A camera
A pendrive
CD’s or tapes of your favourite music (English only!!)

Remember all material must be in English! And mobile phones cannot be used during the camp.

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