5 de julio de 2013

On Bin Weevils players can create their own avatar (known as a BinWeevil), play games, decorate their BinNest (virtual home), watch TV shows, make new friends, enter competitions and even look at books in the online library. In Bin Weevils players complete missions, tasks and get a virtual job to earn the virtual currency of Mulch to spend in the Shopping Mall.

Wizard101 sets players on a journey to save the Spiral. In Wizard101 you will play as a Wizard and master the art of Wizardry as you explore the vast game world.


After you create your Fantage account you can customise your cartoon style avatar with hair, clothes and accessories to personalise your Fantage experience. Fantage started in 2008 and quickly grew into the most popular online community for kids and now has over 15 million registered accounts.


Webosaurs is a MMORPG designed for children which offers a massive virtual world along with plenty of fun games and activities.


In ToonTown Online you play as a Toon which you can freely customise to your liking. From here players can explore the ToonTown universe while saving the residents from the Evil Cogs. Your only weapon against the Cogs is pranks, jokes and laughter.


After choosing their species of monster the player can then customise the pet. From here players are free to explore Monstro City, compete in challenges, play games, personalise their room and communicate with friends. For completing these activities players earn Rox which can be used to unlock extra game content.

The game takes place in the land of Ook and allows players to easily travel around with their monkey avatar. The game revolves around questing for players to along more of the game world, these quests come in two forms, main quests and daily quests.

MovieStarPlanet is a creative and social playground that allows users to create their own movie star to use in movies, games and social interactions with other players. As you progress through the game you'll earn Fame and StarCoins which you can spend on costumes, accessories and movie extras.

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