27 de octubre de 2011

Los días viernes 11 de noviembre a y jueves 17 de noviembre los alumnos de 6to grado tendrán el examen trimestral de Reading and Listening y Use of English and Writing respectivamente. Los temas a evaluar son:

  • Present Simple/Present Continuous
  • Past Simple/Past Continuous
  • Present Perfect/ Simple Past
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Past Perfect/Simple Past
  • Reported Speech
  • First and Second Conditional
  • Passive Voice (All tense)
  • Vocabulary: Appearance and Personality
  • Writing :

o Letter of Application

o Blog Comment

o Newspaper Article


2 comentarios :

Nicky.R dijo...

Miss Caro:
Thenk you for the themes for the language term test.
I want to practice more for the term test.
Nicole Rebour

viki dorbesi dijo...

i'm practising a lot, in the web page that romi give us (agendaweb.org), it's very usefull