6 de mayo de 2010

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi Sami:
For mi Robinson Crusoe was a child who had a good relationship with their parents so ran away from home.One of the small boats managed to escape. Thus time passed until it became a man, and from England went to Brazil, where he purchased land and started a sugar plantation.He was from Engalnd.Set off on a ship that sank during a storm.

Cami Bodetto dijo...

Robinson Crusoe was born in England.
He is a young rebel who was 19 years ago to sea to escape the future her parents have been designed: a lawyer. Again and again, when sailing ships were shipwrecked, but Robinson relapses. In one of his voyages, Moroccan pirates assault and capture his ship: Robinson ends up on land, become the slave of a Moor. At the slightest opportunity, escape in a boat and gets collected by a Portuguese ship that goes to Brazil. There he becomes the owner of a plantation, but soon tired of his fate and becomes the sea again in 1659, with the intention of capturing black Africans sold into slavery in America.