10 de agosto de 2010

You know English term tests are really close, right?
We will devote August 24th (Tuesday) to Reading and Listening Comprehension and August 26th (Thursday) to Use of English and Writing.
These are the topics:
-Present simple-Present Continuous
-Past Simple- Past Continuous
- Past Simple- Past Perfect

* Conditional Sentences:
- 1st Conditional
- 2nd Conditional

* Reported Speech (also known as Indirect Speech).
- Statements
- Commands
- Questions

Here are some tips so that you can study in a better and more organized way. Read them and make good use of them!


2 comentarios :

Cami Bodetto dijo...

There are a lot of topics for the Term tEST, I WILL STUDY A LOT

Nadia: dijo...

There are a lot of topics!
I think that we should start practicing!