24 de junio de 2010

In history we started studying Ancient Greece. An important part of life for the people in Ancient Greece was their religion and the gods an goddesses. The gods and goddess helped the people decide how to live and what decisions to make.

1. Which god do you think was the most important for the Ancient Greeks?

2. If you were a god who would you be? Why?

Miss Caroline.

3 comentarios :

Cami Bodetto dijo...

I think that the most important god was Zeus.
If I were a god i will be Aphrodite, because she was that goddess of love and she was beuty and fertility
Camila Bodetto

Martin Pontnau dijo...

Hi miss:
I think Zueus was the most inportant god.I would be ra becuse he is very good and i like the powers he had

Axel Faks dijo...

The most important god was Zeus.
If i were a god, i would be zeus, i don't know why but i see and i think that is the one who i like most, Axel