19 de marzo de 2010

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Mica Santiso and Valen bekir dijo...

Miss Sami:
The video was nice. We admit that it is good for the earth. We CAN’T cut trees because we will not have oxygen. The earth is very important and it is very nice. And it’s good for us to take care of them.


Juan Santiago dijo...

It Is a very good idea to turn off the lights everybody at the same time. I like it when they show all the cities and countries turning off lights. A lot of people turning off their lights is a symbol of “Help our planet”

Let help our planet!

Catalina dijo...

Miss Samantha:
I think that this idea is a good idea and a bad idea, because the thieves can steal more things at dark, so, my idea is to turn on just one light so thieves are going to run away, but the good one is that all the world is gonna be together in this.

Anónimo dijo...

¡¡¡Hi to everyone!!! ¿How are you?
There are more earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, all around the world!!!. This is terrible!!! We are contaminated, and we have to accept it. We have to take more care, and be more responsible for the planet. I think that the idea, of the video, is very nice… and very useful!!!!!! I hope that we can have a solution to this problem. It’s a very good idea, to turn OFF the lights, in all the cities of the world!!!!!!
Bye Bye!

Abril & Luciana dijo...

Hi everyone!
The video was interesting beacuse it appearse how all the world is helping the planet.
We love how the people could turn off the lights and help our planet. The part that we most liked in this video was when they turned off the eiffel tower because it has too much energy.
We hope that this year all the world could turn off the lights because is very important for the earth.
See you soon.

Cami Bodetto and Sofi Suárez dijo...

We are going to turn off lights on Saturday 27th at 8:30 to help our planet. It was amazing when the lights at the Eiffel tower turned off, and when we saw the child with candles, A lot of people were helping the planet. It was an interesting video. We hope that this year everybody helps.
Cami and Sofi

Delfi Alvarez dijo...

Hello miss,
My family and me we are going to turn off the lights because is important to help the planet when I saw the video I was very happy and sad because I saw all that citys turning off the lights that is good!